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Burlington, VT



What will we do together next?

  • Protect Burlington as an equitable and inclusive City. Burlington must remain the place in Vermont where people of all backgrounds and ages can make a home and career.

  • Invest in our public spaces, core infrastructure, and public facilities. Infrastructure is the foundation of our quality of life and economy, and our public spaces define us a community.

  • Lead on climate change and protection of Lake Champlain. We will pursue district heating, strategic electrification, and energy customer empowerment to become a Net Zero Energy City.

How will we get this done? By staying true to the same core principles that have gotten us this far:

  • We will continue to put financial responsibility first. Without it, nothing else works.

  • Public engagement, access, and responsiveness. We will never stop working hard to earn and make good on your trust.

  • Resistance to President Trump when he attempts to undermine Burlington values. On immigration, climate change, and more, we will stand up to Trump whenever he comes for us.